About The Center For Surrogate Parenting

The Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CSP) is a world-renowned surrogacy agency with offices in Encino, California, and Annapolis, Maryland. We currently have surrogate moms in 35 states in America. CSP was established because we strongly believe that Intended Parents or (Intended Parent) who are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of parenthood deserve that opportunity.

CSP has been helping Intended Parents for over years to become Parents. During this time CSP has developed a process for surrogacy which includes:
  • CSP has developed a complete online website application for tracking and monitoring the entire surrogacy process for both Intended Parents and Surrogate Moms
  • We work with the world's leading fertility doctors, attorneys, psychologists and psychotherapists
  • CSP staff is available to you to personally answer your questions and address your concerns
  • CSP has never had a Surrogate Mom change her mind about returning the baby to the Parents
  • CSP offers protection to Surrogate Moms by requiring Intended Parents to fund a trust account before the Surrogate Mom becomes pregnant
  • CSP offers protection to Intended Parents by requiring that Surrogate Moms are fully screened before they are matched
In our over years of helping Intended Parents become Parents, we have celebrated the birth of over 2,300 babies.

Center for Surrogate Parenting - Parents's Stats 2015
It is imperative that you thoroughly investigate your choices for surrogacy and only consider an agency with skilled professionals, proven experience and with an excellent reputation. What could be more important than entrusting the right people to help you bring home your baby?

CSP has been a leading surrogacy agency for over years and we bring to you our experience, excellence and compassion. When you choose to create your family, you can trust CSP!

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