Julie Kronen - Surrogate Mother Coordinator

Julie Kronen is from Silver Spring, Maryland. Julie has been married for 16 years to husband Mike and she has three children: Jackie, Gabe and Oliver.

Julie is a two time CSP surrogate mother with the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. Julie had twins for an international couple in 2009 and twins again in 2011 for a domestic couple. Recently graduated from nursing school, Julie is currently working as a registered nurse in labor and delivery. Her true passion is anything surrogacy and pregnancy.

Many surrogate mothers have already met Julie via the quarterly group meetings for the East Coast surrogates in Annapolis and the East Coast surrogacy support group on Facebook. For the past two years Julie has been helping to coordinate group meetings and hotel accommodations and has been attending group each time. Communicating and being supportive of her “surro-sisters” via Facebook is one of her favorite pastimes.

Julie is excited to now be CSP staff working as a Surrogate Mother Coordinator. Julie would like to add, "Surrogacy has been something that has touched my life and I love working with surrogate mothers. I'm excited to have this wonderful opportunity!"