Skype Consultations

Skype Consultations

CSP understands that it is overwhelming to research surrogacy agencies via the Internet. Every agency, large and small, has a website which looks professional. To help you in making your decision we offer you the opportunity to meet our staff from the privacy of your home or office. CSP is pleased to offer you the option of meeting our staff with you via Skype/Web Cam.

Mini consultation

If you are interested in speaking with a CSP Case Manager via Skype, please follow these steps:
  • Click on the "Parents Apply" button on the front page of our site.
  • We request that we first speak or exchange emails with you in order to provide us with an understanding of your situation and so we can be adequately prepared for our meeting.
  • We will then set an appointment for an initial meeting via Skype. During this 30 -60 minute meeting, we can provide you with an overview of our program and we invite you to share your questions and concerns with us.
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Full consultation

Surrogacy is a process that involves our experts from the medical, legal, psychological, and administrative fields. We would like the opportunity to explain these areas to you in order for you to get a more complete idea of what you are considering. However, CSP understands that for some intended parents the expense of international travel will prohibitively increase the costs associated with surrogacy. For other intended parents work schedules make attending the consultation in person difficult. Please note that due to the time differences, your Skype consultation may have to occur over a two day time period. You will still experience a full consultation but in the comfort of your home. We do believe that meeting face-to-face at our office allows all of us to get a better understanding of one another and permits a smoother flow of information. We encourage you to visit our office if at all possible. However, we will do our very best to ensure we bring our agency information to you completely via Skype.

Please Contact Us to make an appointment for the full consultation.