Pillars of Surrogacy

There are thousands of babies born every year by surrogate mothers for hopeful couples wanting to start their own families. We recognize that surrogate mothers are giving an amazing gift to intended couples and want them to feel supported every step of the way. Surrogate mothers receive several different types of support. Here is a brief outline of each of them.


In order to create the best matches, Surrogates OB records are obtained and provided to your IVF doctor for review.


Each surrogate and intended parent are matched with professional counselors who have worked with people in similar situations to yours. Pregnancy, infertility, and surrogacy are all emotional topics and you will appreciate the added support and advocate to share your feelings with.


Surrogate mothers are given a stipend each week for house cleaning as well as getting an allowance to buy maternity clothing. They will also not be responsible for any of the costs associated with prenatal care or labor and delivery.


Surrogate families are provided with $250,000 in life insurance. This is intended to cover the surrogate mother and the entire surrogates family.


Our process includes that all surrogate mothers and intended parents have legal counsel and professional reviews of all surrogacy contracts.


CSP has a presence throughout the whole world. Approximately 60% of our clients are international.

For more details about the ways we support surrogacy, check out the infographic below!

Pillars of Surrogacy - By Creatingfamilies.com

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