A Love Letter

Dear Julia,

By now, you know me pretty well. And you know that I can write on just about any subject. But I feel as though there are no words to express what you have done for me and Gregory. Jamie is a miracle if ever there was one. He is the baby of my heart. The one I've always wanted and imagined. But, he wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

One year ago, I couldn't even look at a pregnant woman without feeling pain. I couldn't look into the window of a nursery furniture store or a baby clothiers store without wondering what I could have done to deserve such punishment.

Every time there was a story about an infant abandoned or abused, I wanted to take that child and make it my own. I couldn't understand why someone who had been so blessed could abuse that privilege. Now, after eight years of waiting, I am actually somebody's mommy. You can't imagine what it feels like to write those words. Every little thing Jamie does is so precious to me.

You gave what so few have the power to give. Not just an egg and a uterus. The care and concern for others to make being a surrogate mother worthwhile. How many people have the ability to make someone else's dream come true? That's just what you've been able to do. And you've done it with such openness, such selflessness, such pride. I hope that Jamie will inherit a little of that from you.

Julia, I hope that you realize that with your strength, and your positive attitude, you can do anything you set your mind to. I hope this experience has proven that to you.

Soon, you will start a new life in Idaho. I know that you and Ken will make it a fantastic success. I see your children, Alex and Seth, growing up in an atmosphere of wonderful values and plenty of love. They can't help but be successes, too.

I know, too, that we will not continue to be as close as we've been. And that's probably only natural. But understand that I will be thinking of you. Jamie will know who you are as soon as he is old enough to understand. And he will be taught to love and respect you. Of course we'll keep in touch and keep you informed of his progress. And I hope you will let me know what is new and exciting in your life, too.

It's obvious how many people in your life think you are terrific and special. But, with the exception of Ken and the boys, no one will really know the full extent of what you have done the way Gregory and I do. I don't know if I could feel any closer to you. Not if we were sisters. You've changed my life for the better and in the process I can see the positive things you've done for yourself.

No matter what else happens in the rest of your life, you have already done more to prove you are a caring person than most people will ever be able to do. And I have the baby to prove it.

I love you, Julia. And, I always will.