Comparing Surrogacy Agencies in the United States

Comparing Surrogacy Agencies

Agencies in the United States Fall into Two Categories:
Prescreened Surrogate Mothers vs. Dating Website or Listing Website

So what is involved in the "prescreening" of surrogate mothers? Each agency has their own interpretation of "prescreened". No one is right or wrong, but each agency has their own standards and criteria. The trick is to know the differences. To assist you in this task, we have compiled a chart below depicting some differences we discovered from our online research. One of the tools we used in obtaining information is that we looked not only at the Intended Parent’s side of the websites, but went in to the surrogate mother side. Those programs that state a surrogate mother is typically matched within 10-15 days of the application being accepted cannot possibly do the same ":prescreening" that an agency like CSP does because it can take CSP from 2-4 months for our in depth screening.

Some agencies do a telephone interview and then list the surrogate mother on their site and intended parents go through the site and select their surrogate mother. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to this process. Unfortunately, a larger number than we want of the lovely ladies that apply to CSP, do not make it through the screening process. Every one of these surrogate mothers have been accepted by us based on their application and initial interview with CSP. However, as we go through the matching process, one or another situation comes to light that prevents them from pursuing their dream of helping you have a family. The difference with CSP is that these ladies are not shown to you as possible candidates, because they do not make it through the screening. Each and every one of these candidates is lovely and we are sad to say goodbye to each lovely lady. However, none of these ladies is right for you and none will be able to complete their surrogacy journey. All this is avoided with CSP. CSP looks at personalities, amount of contact wanted by the participants before, during and after the pregnancy, issues of termination, how many embryos to implant, etc. All of these factors and so much more are taken into consideration during the matching process with CSP.

Support Network

There are several support networks in place with CSP. There is a network of professionals that are by your side throughout your journey and beyond. The mental health professional oversees your case from the moment she screens your surrogate mother, to introducing you to each other at your match meeting, and then stays in touch monthly with all parties throughout the pregnancy. In addition the mental health professional is there for you years later when you have questions about how to tell your child about their unique birth. Of course you have the CSP staff is on hand to be your “voice and advocate” throughout the journey. We also have a network of professionals such as perinatologists if a second opinion is needed on the pregnancy, we know many IVF doctors so we can quickly get you a second opinion, if necessary, on the treatment you are considering, There is also a well organized surrogate mother network that offers support, advice and friendships to these lovely ladies.

USA Surrogacy

Legal - a legal framework in which CSP operates without risk of violating the laws or fear of criminal prosecution.
Legislated - legislation in place that governs the field of surrogacy in the state.
Above board - compensation is permitted and documented in legal contracts and approved by the courts.
No risk of criminal penalties - legislative laws as well as case law has given legitimacy to surrogacy in the United States.

Surrogacy Elsewhere

Without a legislative or legal platform recognizing surrogacy, the only phrase that comes to mind is "creative".

How do you assess the risk?

CSP has a handout with questions that offer a guide to how to assess the risks of surrogacy with different agencies in different countries.
Be in touch with intended parents that have completed their journey.
Get it confirmed in WRITING that all payments you are making are legal.

DO YOUR RESEARCH - The world wide web offers us easy access to information. A good starting point: Google Surrogacy fraud in Canada - Surrogacy fraud in USA - Surrogacy fraud in Mexico