Comparing Surrogacy Programs

Comparing Surrogacy Agencies

History Matters!

Our program is different from others in many respects. First, and most importantly, our experience and success are unmatched in the field - CSP is oldest private surrogacy program in the world. We have been helping couples create their families through surrogacy for over years. We understand that meeting the challenge of infertility can be a stressful, exhausting and expensive journey. Our in-depth experience and unique approach allow you a smooth, successful journey. We offer you the stability unavailable in other newer and smaller programs. We oversee all aspects: psychological, legal, medical and financial - in a smaller program you may have to take responsibility for mistakes based on their inexperience or inability to tap essential resources.

Comparisons Count
The two directors have extensive educational backgrounds and previous business experience in successful professions prior to the creation of CSP. Most small agencies have little or no business experience and some were begun by surrogate mothers whose sole knowledge of the industry is from their perspective as a surrogate mother. They have neither the knowledge nor the experience to run a business.

A Team of Professionals
We believe surrogate parenting should be a collaboration of professionals who guide the entire process. CSP has created a team that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. We work with a variety of medical practitioners from around the world, all of whom are recognized for their contribution to third party reproduction. The counseling team includes two psychologists and four psychotherapists. Hilary Hanafin, Ph.D., the Managing Psychologist, has been evaluating surrogate mothers and assisting infertile couples for over years. She is recognized as a world-renowned leader in the psychological evaluation of surrogate mothers. The Law Offices of Vorzimer Masserman assist couples with their surrogacy and/or egg donation contracts as well as finalizing parental rights.

Cross Training
Staff members have been carefully cross-trained to ensure coverage at all times. The counseling team is in constant communication with CSP staff and are familiar with the nuances of each case. The attorneys have a detailed tracking system for each case so at a glance anyone can determine the status of a case and what work remains outstanding. In essence, if one member of the team is unavailable, another member can take over immediately. If you work with a small agency, who will cover when the owner is away on holiday or falls ill? In such a case the burden of coping will fall on your shoulders. With CSP you are never alone should a crisis occur.

Responsible and Compatible Matching
At CSP we earmark a portion of our resources for the ongoing process of searching for and screening appropriate surrogate mothers, independent of the number of couples retaining our services. If a surrogate mother does not complete her psychological or medical screening, CSP incurs these costs. We always have 40-60 surrogate mothers in the screening process, so we are able to evaluate your requirements and preferences and find the best possible match for you. We are the only agency that presents a surrogate mother to a couple only AFTER she has successfully completed her psychological and medical screening. If one match is not successful we always have other ladies who can be presented to you.

Most new and/or small agencies advise couples they can be matched immediately with a surrogate mother, often because they have few clients and the surrogate has expressed interest but has not been screened. In all other programs, the couple has to incur these costs.

Experience Counts
We have been involved in over 2,300 births. In our years of practice we have experienced high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, termination of pregnancy and unfortunately, demise soon after birth. We know how to look after your interests should a crisis occur. We are well connected with high-risk specialists we can call on to consult on a case. Our commitment to our couples and surrogate mothers has earned us a sterling reputation, and we are very well known and respected by specialists in our field.

Security - Personal, Professional and Computer
The program you select to assist you in becoming parents will become an integral part of your child's unique history. With CSP, you and your child can face the future confidently. For years we have enjoyed a scandal free reputation and remain an agency with which parents and children can be proud to be associated.

Every month we send a ledger to our couples detailing the status of their trust account. This is separate from our general account. There has NEVER been an inconsistency with our trust account. When you are dealing with a small program, or a newly created program, what guarantees do you have that your trust funds are secure? Has the surrogate mother who is running her own program ever filed for personal bankruptcy? What guarantee do you have that your trust funds will be returned in the event the agency discontinues business? If she files for personal bankruptcy, your trust funds may be unrecoverable. What precautions are in place to ensure that the trust funds are not used to pay the debt of a legal judgement ordered against the agency?

We are serious about confidentiality. CSP has fought for protection of the rights of privacy for the surrogate, the parents and the child. No records or information have ever released. We maintain off-site record keeping of our backup computer data.

Availability and Access are Priceless
We are always available for you. Urgent needs of our couples and surrogate mothers come before the needs of a usual workday schedule. Our staff members carry pagers to ensure their availability in cases of emergency. Our primary concern is the health of your baby and your relationship with your surrogate mother. We will do our best to provide the best care and guidance possible. We are honest and up-front about how much surrogacy will realistically cost our couples. We provide you with a cost sheet depicting the estimated detailed costs of a surrogacy relationship. Most of the time a smaller agency appears to be cheaper than our program; however, this is because they do not provide the services we offer and they are not forthright about the realistic costs you may incur.

Thank you for considering CSP. We look forward to being your selection as the best program for you in creating your family. Our wish for you is that you have a pleasant and successful journey with our program.