What a Gift!

Dear Donna, Karen, and Bill:

Happy New Year! Needless to say, we are starting this year from a state of ecstacy! Boy, what a journey we have gone through, and what a wonderful finish!

Starting January 1992, which is when we made a trip to the center, and began going through seven IVF trials, three clinics, and three surrogates. Just at the time we were going to give up the whole effort and get reconciled to a life without children, three little miracles occured! What a gift!

We would like to acknowledge our profound gratitude for CSP's help and support in this whole process. Your professionalism, thoroughness, resourcefulness, kindness, and total support has been pivotal for the spectacular success achieved in this quest of ours. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. Donna and Karen, working with you has been a delightful experience for us. We have always counted on your timely advice, patience and even gentle nudging whenever needed. You both were always there for us when we needed you and we appreciate all your efforts in making this experience as pleasant as possible. We thank the entire staff at CSP for running such a terrific organization. You can count on us to be too glad to share our experiences with other who are interested.

Thanks again for everything. Thanks especially for finding our surrogate for us. She is an extraordinary lady. We are very lucky to have known her.

Best Wishes. We will keep you posted of the triplets progress.

A. and S.