Alaska  - "Last Frontier"

Wild Native Forget-Me-Not
Wild Native Forget-Me-Not

Overview of Surrogacy Law in Alaska

  1. Does CSP accept Surrogate Mothers who reside in this state?  No.
  2. Does CSP accept Intended Parents who reside in this state?  Yes.
  3. Is it legal for Intended Parents who are residents in this state to participate in surrogacy?  Yes.   
  4. Has CSP helped Intended Parents who reside in this state finalize their parental rights?  Yes.   
  5. If a surrogate mother delivers in this state, can the Intended Parents have their names on their child's birth certificate?  Yes.  PBO available in Anchorage judicial district. Rest of state will require post-birth adoption. 

Counselors for this state:

Donna Robertson, LCSW

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