Creating Families - Kathryn, Jimmy, Alice and Naomi

Letter of Gratitude

Family Photo 2017

I am writing to express our gratitude for CSP and to share some thoughts on our surrogacy journey that I hope other families might find helpful. When we realized that surrogacy was the best option to grow our family, Jimmy and I were intimidated. We knew of only one other family, some of my parents' friends, who had pursued surrogacy years ago. Fortunately, this family directed us to CSP with a glowing review. We now fully agree that their high praise of CSP was totally justified.

The staff at CSP is so professional and experienced. All of our questions were answered in a transparent, thorough and timely manner. Speaking of transparency, surrogacy is a process that can generate high anxiety. I cannot stress enough how important it was that our surrogacy agency be transparent. This journey requires some flexibility and open-mindedness, but we felt well counseled. There were not any curve balls regarding time lines, expenses, communication, etc.

Alice and Naomi

Much of the credit to the positivity of our experience must go, of course, to our surrogate, Lauren, and her supportive family and CSP assigned counselor, Kim. Lauren is testament to CSP's screening process. She is everything one could ask for: kind, resilient, healthy, the best communicator and sincere. We remain close friends.

We trusted Lauren with what we hold most precious, our child, and she took the weighty responsibility of caring for our baby so seriously. She worked hard to make our pregnancy successful by following medical recommendations, eating healthy and exercising. What she did for us was an act of immense love, and we are so grateful and humbled.


Pregnancy is complicated. People are complicated. Surrogacy is complicated. There is so much that could have gone wrong, and it matters to us that an agency like CSP was providing wise counsel and in our corner cheering for us. Specifically, we feel lucky to have had you assigned to our case, Joanne. It was so clear that you were invested in our journey and took great care to make this process a smooth one. Thank you. We are so thankful for our daughter, Naomi, and for CSP for helping bring her to us.

Kathryn and Jimmy