Intended Parents Profile

Dear Surrogate Mother, Hello!

We are Annie and Paul. It is hard to put "us" into 2 or 3 pages, but, well.... here it goes...

First we would like to say that if you’re reading this, it means that you are contemplating an extraordinary adventure, and that this first encounter may lead to one of the most significant events in our life and yours. Thank you for considering such a remarkable gift. Until we can meet and get to know each other directly, we hope that this brief introduction will give you some insight into who we are.

Ours is truly a story of love at first sight. We’ve been married for over 10 years, and are still unabashedly in love with each other. We met 14 years ago at work. At the time we were both dating other people. Three years later we met Paul’s birthday party. (Paul has always said that upon seeing Annie, she would be his gift!). We fell in love that night and were talking about marriage soon afterwards. We were married a year later and immediately made plans to start a family.

We were on top of the world when only two months after our wedding were expecting our first child. The first of a now familiar feeling of a breaking heart came when that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage three months later. Seven months later we were elated to be expecting again, but once again devastated to lose our baby during the fifth month. After consulting our doctor, we decided to try another pregnancy. Six months later we were again blessed with a pregnancy. A devastating infection during the fifth month caused us to lose the baby and endangered Annie’s life. Throughout all our dispair, we never for a moment considered abandoning our dream of having children. We turned to modern medicine to help us, and after two years of endless tests, we have never been able to conceive again. Now, we seek a miracle with your help.

Who are we? Paul is a businessman involved in the field of computers. He is 6ft tall and weighs 180lbs, has brown hair and green eyes. He is a terrible cook (although he insists on experimenting!), but a great "handyman" around our home. He has a tendency to be quiet and is a very good listener, and incredibly loyal and loving. He is my best friend.

Annie is 5ft 3in., 130lbs (sometimes!), chestnut hair and brown eyes. She is a little shy until she gets to know you. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a true friend. She is a great cook and a wonderful hostess. Although she lacks a "green thumb", she loves animals, and has a tendency to bring home "strays". She is my wife, love of my life and my best friend.

We have always longed for children. We would love to be parents and be given the opportunity to love and nurture a child together from the beginning of his/her life. Surrogacy is a wonderful alternative for us. We have done quite a lot of research on surrogacy, and we realize how incredibly precious a surrogate mother is. Some children are born not wanted by anyone; we feel this child will have a great strength in the knowledge of how VERY much wanted he/she is by all concerned. What a truly beautiful way to begin life! We hope we can share this pregnancy together and remain in contact after birth. We hope to have a warm and friendly relationship together with you and your family during the pregnancy. Hopefully we will be able to have several memorable times together. We want our child to know about you and how generous you are. Our child will be told of the incredible compassion and goodwill between two families that resulted in our child’s birth.

This child will have a fun, loving home with two parents who love each other. We will deal with the good and the bad as it comes up. We’ll try not to spoil this child, but since we want the child so much there will probably be a little spoiling! We have a four bedroom home with a large backyard in a lovely neighborhood. Annie’s parents live close by, and we meet once a week. Paul’s brother lives in our town and we are close to his wife and their two young sons. (We are their godparents.) Paul’s parents live in Florida and we try visit them at least once a year. Annie is an only child. There are grandparents eagerly awaiting this baby, and if you agree, to meet you.

We offer ... all the love we have, a secure family unit, a huge, loving and welcoming extended family, healthy and committed Mom and Dad, a secure financial situation and home, and unending love and respect for our Surrogate mother and her family. Without your help we will not have a family. You are giving more than just the "Gift of Life", as incredibly precious as that is in itself, you would also be in the truly unique position of bringing healing and a new beginning to hearts that we thought would stay broken forever.

We hope and pray that you are out there somewhere. That you read our story and that you and your family find us to be "Just Right".

Hoping to find you.......

With all our gratitude,
Annie and Paul