Letters from Our Surrogate Mother's Husband - Carey

Brandee, my amazing wife of 8 years, and I approached her surrogacy very much as a journey. By way of introduction, I am Carey Kinyon, proud Surro Dad. Can I offer a slightly different, yet somehow helpful perspective on the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) and their program? I hope so. My belief is that by being a living, breathing partner in Brandee's journey affords me a unique perspective. Can I aptly express what it means to be a gestational surrogate, from the outside in, of course; and, how CSP makes success not only attainable but probable? I believe I can...

Carey and Brandee Kinyon

Brandee participated in a sibling project with an international couple. Like so many testimonials declare: ?they had us at, we are a loving couple?. Their entire profile read like a mirror of our lives, less the fertility problems and their life abroad. ...they lived up to the "hype". Lifelong relationships have been formed as a result. Brandee spent 17 hours on a plane to spend a week with the twins she delivered just before their first birthday. Two very beautiful little girls - and I sincerely mean beautiful. Their six year old sister was in tears when Brandee left for the States after her stay.

So what part did the CSP Team play in all of this joy and future of endless possibilities between two families from different sides of the world? Well, their contributions are probably too numerous to list and I was probably not privy to their entire role. That being said, I do know enough about the organization to tell you that Brandee's choice to work with CSP proved to be prophetic. CSP put our Intended Parents' profile in front of us. The CSP Team recommended an IVF doctor that they believed would be a good match for the intended parents as well as Brandee. The CSP Team recommended a healthcare facility that they believed Brandee would feel at home at and receive top notch care. You guessed it... All of those components played a key role in this success story. Brandee and I did select the Intended Parents the CSP Team liked for us. Brandee did become pregnant with the help of the superior IVF doctor coordinated by the CSP team. And, despite a very premature delivery, the hospital the CSP Team recommended sent home two healthy baby girls a few weeks after delivery.

Carey and Brandee with babies

This brings me to the real point of my testimonial. Pregnancy as we all know can be difficult at times. It can be very, very difficult at other times. Rarely does pregnancy lack some level of sacrifice by the pregnant Mother or Surrogate. These difficult times that sometimes come are what separates CSP from other organizations. Most organizations can be successful when everything goes exactly as planned. It takes the special leadership and supporting cast of the CSP Team to keep things together when things do not go exactly as planned. Brandee's late pregnancy complications brought the experience of literally dozens of fertility years to bear. CSP leaders that had been both surrogates and the blessed beneficiaries of surrogacy alike were there to support her. And that, in a man's world is what figuratively, "separates the men from the boys".

I would never have believed such an organization existed had I not witnessed myself. Had I not attended many support groups with Brandee I would not be able to say with complete conviction; that anyone seriously considering a commitment to surrogacy needs to be looking closely at the Center for Surrogate Parenting: Period.

With My Warm Regards,
Carey Kinyon