Surrogacy Agency vs. Independent

Why would I want to do surrogacy through an agency rather than doing surrogacy independently?

Protection! You and your family are protected when you do surrogacy with a reputable surrogacy agency.

By putting an ad on the internet and advertising that you are a woman who will carry a baby for intended parents, you are going to be totally alone!

By going it alone, you will not have the benefit of what an agency like CSP can provide: experience, guidance and collaboration with surrogacy professionals.

CSP Surrogacy Agency Benefits

  • History - years successfully doing surrogacy
  • Experience - CSP has been exposed to hundreds of different surrogacy scenarios
  • Professionals - Our surrogacy team cannot be found anywhere else in the world
  • Financial - We offer trust account administrators for the financial side and we secure surrogacy funds in advance of you becoming pregnant.
  • Medical - Work with the world's leading fertility doctors
  • Legal - Work with the world's leading surrogacy attorneys
  • Insurance - It is our policy to provide life insurance to CSP surrogate moms
  • Counseling - You will have access to the world's leading surrogacy counselors
  • Support - You are assigned a Surrogate Mother Case Manager
  • Ethics - Our ethical standards are outstanding
  • Knowledge - CSP has the knowledge to guide you through your journey
  • Process - CSP has established a surrogacy process with proven success
Surrogacy is a very wonderful thing to do in life. Some people say that there is nothing a person can do that is more generous than to help to create a family in the world. Surrogate mothers are truly very special people and they deserve to have a positive experience while helping in this enormous and important way.

Support, care and comfort are all things that CSP takes very seriously in our surrogacy program. If you are kind enough to consider becoming a surrogate mom, then your family needs to be not only taken into consideration but guarded and protected during the process. Please do not risk the safety and wellbeing of your family by "going it alone." CSP is here to help and there is nothing that we take more seriously than creating families. Together we can make dreams come true!

In conclusion: How do I choose the right path? You are on the right path - you found our website and you are clearly doing research. If you take your time and do you research you are unlikely to make a mistake. You are clearly a cautious person and we hope you find your way to our agency.