Letters from Our Surrogate Mothers - Dina

I decided I wanted to be a surrogate mother because I just could not imagine life without my children. My husband and I enjoy the crazy, busy life it takes to raise two active kids, and I wanted to make sure we could help at least one more family experience that. Another reason was that my mom couldn't have children and adopted me as an infant.

I knew I wanted to work with an agency, and l took a long time researching them all. CSP seemed to be the best of the best, and I definitely made the right decision. Surrogate mothers are supported throughout the entire journey in every way you could possibly imagine. From their matching expertise, counseling and group support meetings, the Facebook group, financial consultants, travel agents, and case managers, they've got you covered. And my match was perfect.

Dina's Family and her Intended Parents

I was matched with international Intended Fathers in October of 2014, we transferred a single embryo in January of 2015, and I delivered a beautiful baby girl in September of 2015. My journey was such an amazing experience! I got to nurture her for nine months and now I get to watch her grow up through pictures, videos, and visits. And the journey continues...we are currently beginning a sibling project. I'm so thankful and excited!

Dina from CA