Letters from Our Surrogate Mothers - Jennifer


I wanted to send a thank you to you all for everything and for what you have done to help this journey from start to finish! And to thank you for the beautiful necklace I received! It is beautiful and means a lot to me. This most likely was my last journey (unless Dan and Ali change their mind and I'm able to help again! lol!) and so it was a little more emotional for me this time around, so I appreciate the token of appreciation from CSP. I never expected that being a surrogate would be something I would ever do, but I truly feel it was something that God ended up calling me to do and other than giving birth and raising my own children, carrying two children for Dan and Ali is the greatest accomplishment of my life, something that has changed me and my family forever, and has changed so many people around me as well. It is something so wonderful and beautiful, and I cannot thank you all enough for connecting me with such a beautiful and kind family to help, and for the support you all provided along the way. My journey was beyond my expectations, and because of CSP, my family has new lifelong friends in Dan, Ali, Lucas and Joshua. I feel so blessed as I know not all journeys go so well. I will continue to keep CSP and all the other surrogates in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to help create families.

This was a crazy beautiful journey! :D