Letters from Our Surrogate Mothers - Tania

I am a single mom of three teen girls and my children mean everything to me, the thought of helping someone else to have that, to feel that love made me want to become a surrogate. I always enjoyed being pregnant and had no issues with my pregnancies and deliveries. For years I had thought that maybe someday I could possibly be a surrogate but I never acted on that because I thought what if I had an attachment to the baby. The more I thought about becoming a surrogate the more I felt that it was something I could do. In November 2014 I decided that now would be the perfect time in my life to become a surrogate. My daughters were very supportive of my decision to become a surrogate and this made is so much easier on me to go ahead with it. I Googled agencies and came across CSP. I applied online and within three months I was matched with a wonderful couple. I met the intended parents in person a month after being matched and I just knew it was a perfect match. Five months after meeting them we had our first transfer and it failed and this was really, really heartbreaking for both myself and the intended parents, a month after that we did a second transfer and it was a success. When the blood test came back I was able to give the intended parents the wonderful news over Skype and it was the most amazing feeling. I never felt attached to the baby, I never felt that it was mine, it was completely different from when I had my kids, a different feeling which is hard to describe. I had a smooth pregnancy and the intended parents were really involved and supportive which was wonderful. Baby arrived on her due date, beautiful and healthy. The intended parents were with me at the hospital and only a surrogate will know the feeling you have seeing the intended parents lay eyes upon their precious baby for the first time. Seeing the intended parents hold their baby, was the most amazing feeling ever, seeing them happy and their family complete gave me unspeakable joy, it made my heart happy. The bond that you form with the couple is so special. I am so happy I decided to become a surrogate, I feel so very blessed to have had this experience. Working with CSP was great and everyone at CSP was amazing and helpful every step of the way.