Letters from Our Surrogate Mothers - Tiffany

Here is a little story about my journey:

My name is Tiffany, and I began considering surrogacy a few years ago when an acquaintance of mine was pregnant with her second surro baby. I followed her journey via Facebook and always admired her for what she was doing to help a family. After a little research, I decided to introduce the idea to my fianc?. After a few months of discussion, we both decided we wanted to take the leap. I was fairly new at my job at that time, and after bringing up the idea to a coworker I found out she had been a surrogate and used CSP as her agency. She connected me with Donna (counselor) and we attended a CSP group support meeting together. After the meeting, I was hooked! I wanted more than anything to help a family. The journey from that point was more than pleasant. I was matched with a wonderful couple from the Los Angeles area, who stayed very involved through the entire process. We became extremely close, and in July of 2015 I delivered healthy twins for them. CSP was wonderful throughout the journey. They supported me in every way that I needed, and Donna even came to the hospital to meet the twins when they were born. My family is currently discussing another journey with CSP in the near future, and I would highly recommend CSP as an agency.